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To the Outer Reaches of the Solar System

30 December 2005 | Places

Travelling to the Outer Reaches of the Solar System Over two weekends in December Christopher Lansell and Ed Redman, two young Melbourne residents, replicated the Sun and the nine planets of the Solar System along the city’s bayside. At a scale of one billion to one....

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Interesting Restaurants

26 December 2005 | Living

Restaurants Some interesting restaurants from the past 12 months. M on the Bund – Shanghai, China In April 2005 I set out to travel by land from Singapore to Shanghai and before I started I decided I was going to mark the end of the trip by dining at M on the...

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Books of 2005

26 December 2005 | Media

Hardly surprisingly I read a lot of travel or travel related books, some recent titles 1.  Dictators’ Homes (Dictator Style in the USA) – Peter York Amazon USA - Amazon UK Unfortunately the idea – let’s do an Architectural Digest tour of assorted dictators’ and d...

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Causes & Concerns

10 December 2005 | Living

Things I worry about from old growth forest destruction in the Australian state of Tasmania to what Amnesty International has rightly described as ‘a human rights scandal’ in, where else, Guantanamo Bay. Marshalls Shoot & Kill Passenger US Newspaper headline 8...

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Day 18-20 – Timbuktu to Casablanca, Morocco

26 November 2005 | Places

Tuesday 22 November Day 18 – Timbuktu to Marrakech, Morocco There’s time for a quick tour of Timbuktu in the morning – the Dyingerey Ber Mosque (which we can enter), the Sankore Mosque (which we can’t), a couple of the early European visitors’ houses, the small muse...

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