1994 Archive

Westbound Day 24 – 557 miles – Ely to San Francisco

11 July 1994 | Places

Carney Brothers, an auto-repair shop just round the corner from our motel, immediately inspires confidence. Monday to Friday they fix cars and Saturday-Sunday they prepare dragsters so they obviously know what they’re about. Our misfiring is quickly diagnosed as bu...

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Westbound Day 23 – 405 miles – Moab to Ely

10 July 1994 | Places

Somewhat heart in mouth I start the recalcitrant beast to go and fuel it up while Maureen and Kieran finish packing. Terrible, it starts reluctantly, pops and bangs, won’t run smoothly. A hundred yards from the motel I begin to think we are going to be stuck and have ...

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Westbound Day 22 – 62 miles – Moab

9 July 1994 | Places

This is the day our plans get really screwed up. The intention was to drive through Monument Valley, dip into Arizona and return to Utah to overnight near Zion Park, which we’ll have a look around tomorrow. The reality is the Caddy doesn’t want to go anywhere, my incr...

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Westbound Day 21 – 63 miles – Moab & Arches National Park

8 July 1994 | Places

Arches National Park is only five miles south of Moab and what a park it is. Everywhere you look is another view to make you reach for a camera, most of them otherworldly, how else can you describe them? The park is a pretty simple one to understand. There’s basically...

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Westbound Day 20 – 401 miles – Montpelier to Moab

7 July 1994 | Places

South out of Idaho and into Utah for a lunch stop at Salt Lake City, followed by a wander round the Mormon’s Temple Square and a tour led by one of the smiling ‘sisters’ who conduct the curious on regular 45 minute excursions. I must admit to having paid the Mormons a...

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